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    During decades of out operation, we provide workplace for thousands of people, and an opportunity for development in several industries.

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Jobs in Hungary


You can find jobs requiring foreign language skills behind the link.

  • 214 Employers
    We have a reputation for a high level of service proved by a series of domestic and multinational customers

  • 4,038 Employees
    This is the number of people employed with our help in 12 industrial branches last year

  • 32,000 Applications
    This many applications we received


  • Csaba Szalai

    Perfect!!! Not even a week had passed and we immediately found a job!

  • Levente Tállai

    I had the chance to try myself in a variety of sectors at the company and thanks to Humán Centrum I also managed to complete my wheelbarrow licence.

  • Tünde Harsányi

    As a temporary worker, I had several jobs due to Humán Centrum, I always applied to them with trust.

  • Gábor Hegedüs

    I would like to inform you that I was very pleased with the satisfying cooperation of the employment assistants during the termination process of paperworks and payments. I am sorry to leave our partnership and I just hope that I will come in contact with similar employers to you. It was a pleasure collaborating with you!!

  • Lajos Bóza

    Even if i’m not the right candidate, be that as it may, at least they give me a feedback. So I can find out in which area I have the best chances. And last but not least: most companies don’t do that, so I appreciate that they consider me as a partner.

  • Zsuzsa Vészi

    I am extremely glad that due to your fast organization, I got a job in 4 days! Thank you!!!

  • István Kelemen

    Humán Centrum always paid me accurately and helped me obtain credit with an employer certificate when i purchased a new car.